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Puutty Power!

Where organic, healthy, holistic meets fashion & style.

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Organic, healthy, holistic and modern stylish cat supply retailer
Puutty Power (pronounced "put-TE Power"). Inspired by our own cats, Puutty Power was born out of the necessity of wanting to provide cat owners with healthy and modern lifestyle choices. Puutty Power is the only healthy/organic/holistic & modern/stylish retailer that is specifically "CAT ONLY". As companies recognize the need for healthy & stylish choices for our pets, be sure to check back often as we are constantly on the prowl for quality products that both you and your cat will enjoy.

Puutty Power is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for both cats and their companions. Here at Puutty Power we provide our customers with a unique & exclusive variety of merchandise - most of which you won't find at big chain pet supply stores. Being cat owners ourselves, we understand the idea of putting our furry companions first. We personally hand select each item for our customers so you can rest assure knowing that you will be receiving only the highest quality products. If we wouldn't give it to our kitties, we won't sell it to our customers.

Puutty Power is cognizant of the current state of animal welfare, and as a result we partner with local Vets and rescue organizations that give assistance to animals in need. Puutty Power is more than just a brand...it's a way of life!

Visit our website: www.puuttypower.com

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